Our Story

Stride is not the oldest or the largest commercial contractor.

We are however the market leader in terms of passion and drive to become the best builder in our market segment.

Stride, formerly part of the ICM Group, was founded in 2018 and then redirected by David Angus and Keith Wood, the Founding Director of the ICM Group.

When these two individuals who shared the same core values agreed there was a better way to do business, Stride was born.

What makes us different? We believe in putting people first.

Our business model is a client-first approach where we strive to be the market leader in terms of relationships with our team and subcontractors.

We understand there are an endless number of qualified builders out there—but little sets them apart. We knew that to deliver the best business outcomes for us, we needed to first focus on delivering the absolute best outcomes for clients and stakeholders.

As a result, we focus on forging genuine relationships and building trust. We want to work with you for the long term in a mutually-beneficial partnership.

This approach, along with our experience and high-performing team, has seen us grow rapidly. Our clients are repeat business clients, and we have and continue to deliver projects across Australia.

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Partner with us and stride towards a future of long-term growth and success.

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