Harrup Park Country Club

Harrup Park QLD
Harrup Park Country Club
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Construct Only

The Project

We were contracted by Harrup Park Country Club to complete a full refurbishment and refit of the bistro, coffee shop, reception, gaming and outdoor areas.

A substantial build undertaken over 25 weeks, Harrup Park Country Club incorporates complex finishes and unique design features and fittings along with upgrades to the club’s sporting facilities and venue capacity.

The vision of a relaxed and upmarket sporting hub to service the Mackay community and their surrounds was successfully achieved through the collaboration with Harrup Park Management and BSPN Architecture.


“We were extremely pleased with the project team’s appreciation of the complexities of this project, particularly the requirement for the club to remain operational throughout the period of construction. To accommodate this requirement, the works were undertaken in a number of stages which was always excellently communicated with stakeholders through updated staging plans and programs.”

Delivery Partners

  • BSPN Architecture

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